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S J Herbals and Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., is a GMP certified Ayurvedic Pharmacy Company involved in the manufacture and export of Ayurvedic products. Clinical Trials were conducted on all products and which are as approved by Ayurvedic practice of Indian medicine (Department of AYUSH). This company was founded by renowned Ayurvedic Research Scholar, Dr. Raghavendra. We have followed the traditional route of Ayurveda and have applied modern concepts to develop a range of healthcare products.     
We have taken responsible for operations, manufacturing and technology. Along the way, we became involved in the development of the first combination of Diabetes (Gymnema) tea, particularly in the manufacturing of it. We know how precious the production of insulin was to patients and the complications associated with diabetes.

Typically when we diagnose a type 2 patient we start on the normal pathway of Gymnema tea ,"diet and exercise" modifications. For many of our patients this regimen makes a significant improvement in their glucose levels and A1c values.The other strong products of this company are BP Capsules,Vitalizer Capsules,Green tea,Basil tea and Stevia sweetnner etc.

Finally we assure the quality and safety of our end users for all our products purchased online as well as in medical outlets.

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