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RESPIRATE- EG (Tulasi Churna)

50 Gms/Bottle
Price: र 215


RESPIRATE-EG (Tulasi Churna):

Respirate EG™ has a unique blend of proven natural and standardized herbal extracts. This tea contents  pure Herbal extracts of Tulasi, Withania somnifera, Amalaka ,Vasaka, Pipali,Brahmi,Mulothi,Ginger with organic Green tea extract and Stevia natural sweetener etc.,


It helps in allergy, cold and cough.

It helps in cure and control Asthma.

It eases Bronchial Spasms and respiratory problems.

This Churna balance three doshas etc…

How to Use:
1. Add 1 scoop of Respirate – EG (Tulasi Churna )Tea to a cup of (180 ml) hot water
2. Allow the tea to brew for a minute.
3. Do not boil. Boiling makes tea bitter.

Drink twice a day half an hour before/after food for good results. Or

As directed by the physician. 


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