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Blood Pressure/ Hypertension

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30 Capsules/Bottle
Price: र 215

SETCALM CAPSULE:The main Ingredients are : Arjuna , Ashwagandha ,Amlaka , Bramhi , Jatamamsi Jyothismati  ,Gojihva ,Gudaci , Sarpagandha ,Vaca  Sankapushpi and Pushkaramula etc.,

Setcalm Capsule is an Ayurvedic alternative to manage high blood pressure.

It helps to manage healthy cholesterol levels.

It helps to reduce Anxiety and Insomnia.

It helps maintain healthy lean body mass.

It helps in healthy heart functions and prevents brain strokes.


1-2 Capsule twice a day before/after food with a cup of hot water or as directed by the physician. 
Note: Reduce intake of salt. In place of sea-salt, may use rock-salt or black salt.

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