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1. Can I get more information about your online selling products?
Yes, we at S J HERBALS and HEALTHCARE, have a group of healthcare professionals who provide the more information about our online selling products.

2. Can I take Ayurvedic medicine along with allopathic medicine for my diabetes?
Yes, you can take Ayurvedic medicine along with your prescribed allopathic medicine. But, your blood sugar levels should be regularly monitored and the dosage of your allopathic medicine should be reduced accordingly.

3. I am suffering by diabetes Type-1. I am using insulin, but it’s not in control. Can I take your diabetes medicine?
Yes, you can take Diastrive –Gymnema tea or capsules. But, as with other forms of diabetes, your blood sugar levels should be regularly monitored and the dosage of insulin should be reduced accordingly. It is advised to contact our customer care for more advice.

4. Can I use Setcalm capsule along with my regular BP medicine?
Yes, if your blood pressure is not in control with your medicine, you can take along with that or alone and reduce the dosage as soon as your BP comes to the normal.

5. What is the normal blood sugar level?
The optimal blood sugar levels are FBS- 110 mg/dl, PPBS-140 mg/dl.

6. How do I know I am suffering from diabetes?
If you have symptoms of frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, loss of weight or have a history of diabetes in your family, it is advisable to get your blood examined for abnormal sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are above the normal contact your doctor for advice or call our customer care for assistance.

7. What is the normal blood pressure for adults?
The optimal blood pressure for adults is between 120/80 mmhg.

8. I am 40 years old. After child birth, I have put up lot of weight. How Can I reduce my weight?
Yes, most of women after child birth will put up lot of weight. The food containing carbohydrates and fats are the major facts for increasing weight. You may advice to drink G-Fit Herbal Slim Tea daily twice. Along with that regular exercise and diet may help you to reduce your weight enormously.

9. Can I book your medicine online?
Yes, sure you can book the required medicine through our online shopping option. We will ship the booked products within 1-2 working days anywhere in INDIA.

10. Can I inform my doctor about taking the Ayurvedic medicine?
Yes, sure you can inform about this to your family doctor for further advice. Our products are GMP certified AYUSH approved. We assure the quality and safety as per the set standards.

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